3 Characteristics of Real Estate Customers

There are three different characteristics of a target customer.

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What neighborhood or development does your target customer want to live in?

This is a fantastic way of thinking about your target customer for realtors. Because you can think very clearly about neighborhoods, about developments. I might be looking for a realtor who can help me find a house in a specific neighborhood. And if that’s true, I want to find the realtor that knows that neighborhood the best. Is that going to be you?

So do you want to help trendy spenders, responsible families, aggressive investors, local businesses, who exactly is your target customer? Is your target customer writing checks for raw land? Is your target customer trying to get an FHA loan approved to get into their first home? Is your target customer a senior couple, trying to find a quiet, comfortable retirement community? If you’re not picking the specific type of individual that you’re looking to help, then you’re missing an opportunity.

This is even more specific than the geographic or demographic characteristics of your target client, but it’s even more important.

It’s not just about what neighborhood that individual or that family or that shopkeeper wants to be in, but what kind of message they’re presenting to their neighbors. Or to their competitors. Or to their families. And how is that property going to convey that message?

What kind of result are they trying to achieve by doing business with you, by trying to find a home, and how can you get them closer to that result?

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