Build a Business That Runs Without You

What if something happened to you tomorrow and you couldn’t work for an indefinite period? Would your company survive?

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For most of us working in the service industry, we’ve built personal brands. We’ve built businesses that rely, almost entirely, on us as an individual.

Whether you’re in real estate, or accounting, or law, or insurance, most of us that are entrepreneurs have built businesses that rely entirely on us as individuals. But that still doesn’t mean we don’t have the responsibility to build businesses that can survive without us.

We still have the responsibility as the leaders of our businesses, which are separate entities from us as individuals, to ensure, not just the prosperity, but also the sustainability of the businesses we’re building.

Especially if those businesses have customers and staffs that rely on those businesses for the services that it provides, and for the incomes that it provides to those staff members or team members.

We have a responsibility to our businesses and the people that our businesses affect to make sure that our businesses can survive without us.

That means we have to be building processes and workflows that can work without a specific individual being in any certain role. It means that we have to expand the capacity of our businesses so that we have individuals in place that can fill the roles in the processes that we’ve established.

If we build a business entirely dependent on us as an individual, without taking into account the fact that we too are human, and that we can get sick, we can get injured, we can die, then we haven’t done our responsibility. We haven’t fulfilled our responsibility to our customers or to the people that depend on our businesses for support.



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